Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oops, He did it again!

The last stone has crumbled. Mark Nigon’s disastrous choice to drive drunk has finally taken the last thing from me that I cared about. It has been a recurring theme throughout these blogs that my wife had to suffer the unthinkable horror of watching me go to death and back. As you can imagine this caused some very serious psychological trauma. We were seeking help and I even went to counseling with her on a couple of occasions. I mean, this was the love of my life. I was going to do everything that I could in order to make things work out. But you have to put yourself in her position to understand.

Here we have a new bride, of just 5 weeks. She is driving down the road after picking up her intoxicated husband from a local bar. Suddenly a reckless drunk named mark Nigon comes flying around the corner, being chased by two cops and hits them head on. She thinks her husband is going to die. She feels that it is somehow her fault. Now instead of a honeymoon, this new bride is spending week after week in a hospital room, with her husband in agonizing pain. He continually asks her to kill him and put him out of his misery. He asks her to “be my angel and set me free.”

Eventually he gets a little better, but now they are at home and this honeymoon bride must quit her job in order to stay home, cook meals, drive him to the doctor, give him baths with the hose in the back yard and clean his shit.

Eventually he gets even better. Eventually he is good enough to return to work. Unfortunately his work requires him to travel and they ship him off to another city. He only comes home on the weekends. Now the honeymoon bride feels resentment. She starts to hate him for abandoning her. She falls out of love. She holds it in because she would feel evil if she left him. She feels a bond with him. Inside the resentment is brewing and soon it will be to much to handle. Eventually she cannot hold it in and they are forced to part from one another.

Mark Nigon has taken everything from me. My health, my house, my good name, my credit, and now my wife. He has finally finished what he started. He has low balled me in court and adjusted his assets as to only give me a minimal amount. He did not even have the good nature to at least pay my medical bills. To this day he has still not made any attempt at an apology.

Mark Nigon gets out of his cushy work release sentence next month. When all is said and done he will have only served 11 months of a 2 year sentence. When he gets out he will have his family, his home, his cars, and everything that he has ever cared for and loved in his life. While it is great that he will get a chance to start over and probably be a better person, I feel that it is unfair that through no fault of my own I have lost everything. I don’t want to whine and complain to much anymore because I am trying to move on with my life but if I could switch places with Mark, if I could spend 11 months in work release and not have to lose anything, I would trade in a heartbeat.


tina said...

Oh...I am sorry to hear that you and your wife have parted. It is the hardest thing to deal with, on top of everything else. I just don't know what to say. You two have been through a lot, and I believe it when you say you would give up 11 months to have everything returned to normal.
It's hard to understand someone's physical pain but the emotional pain is familiar. I hope you have someone to lean on at this time in your life. I will be here, checking back, reading your journal, so to speak. I hope you keep blogging, it might be helpful.

Stay healthy, stay safe.


tina said...

Sorry for not commenting sooner, I just seen the date when you posted this. It was usually the same post.

ktbug1031 said...

OMG its so sad that you have parted ways, and you have articulated it so well here. I'm so sorry for all that you have been through, though there is nothing I can do to undo it, I wish there was something I could do to help you continue to heal. I also wish that I could find a way to get your blogs to notify me that you've posted a new one!

tina said...

I just do the rss thing and put peoples links to their blogs on my home page.

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