Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A regular Tweener!

I love the show prison break, but I hated the character Tweener. (Season 1) Seems that Tweener, played by Lane Garrison is not to different from his on screen persona. Irony sets in after he was arrested for driving under the influence of Alcohol and Cocaine and injuring two 15 year old girls and killing a 17 year old. Garrison is facing a 6 year 8 month sentence for vehicular manslaughter in California. On the show Prison break his character is paired in a cell with a rapist and becomes his cell mate bitch. Let’s hope that the irony continues for this piece of shit!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fucking backwards country folk!

We went to the courthouse today with our lawyers to meet with Mark Nigon and his slimy Lawyer, for a mediation conference. I was fully expecting nothing to happen. They offered Julie XXX and she laughed at them, then they offered her XXX and ……………… HER CASE SETTLED! I couldn’t believe it. Then came the hammer. Mark Nigon was able to position his finances so that half of the equity in his house was under his name and half under his wife’s name. He once again took to hiding under his wife’s skirt. How’s that for a real man? This meant that we could only go after XXX. Furthermore there is a $45,000 homestead exemption in Colorado so we could really only get XXX from him when all was said and done. On the flip side we could collect paychecks from him for the rest of his life, although hicks like this usually don’t live that long. He offered XXX and we settled. It was almost worth it to have the case over with. We get the insurance money now and then he has 30 days after he gets out of jail to come up with the rest. If he doesn’t then he gets a judgment entered for a half million.

The Judge that mediated the case was really cool and told Mark Nigon point blank that he needed to pay up for what he did. Apparently Mark Nigon realized that he had much more to lose. Not that giving up XXX is no big deal, but he should have given a lot more. When it comes down to it, you are more likely to have some backwards redneck hick, working as a pipe fitter trying to support three kids and a wife that has almost nothing to his name in the first place injure you than you are likely to have a millionaire do the same. Not that this goes across the board but poor people are usually poor because they are stupid and because they do stupid things and rich people are usually rich because they are smart and do smart things. Obviously this is a generalization but it seems to fit in this case.

Mark Nigon must of lost 100 pounds. We didn’t even recognize him when we first saw him. Apparently he is really sorry for what he did. He will be out of Jail on November 18th and back with his family so that he can finally teach his oldest daughter how to drive and drink a Colt 45 at the same time. He has to have a breathalyzer on his car for the next 5 years, and will have to notify any potential employers that he is a convicted felon. None of this seems to have anything to do with the pain that I will endure for the rest of my life because he didn’t feel it necessary to call for a ride home while intoxicated. Regardless, it is all over now, and my wife and I can finally try to move on with our lives.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dead Babies

I was brought to tears by this article. The saddest thing about this story is that it is receiving very little publicity. I love the quote by Sgt Tracy McDonald where he says "This is no accident. ... It was entirely preventable." I have been trying to say this all along. These things are not accidents. The drunk driver, 19 year old Ronald Jayne made a clear cut decision to be a potential killer. Just because that potential became a reality doesn’t mean that this should be classified as an accident. An eye witness to the incident said that after Jayne caused the incident he got out, sat on the side of the road and said “this is going to mean a world of hurt for me.” He lit up a cigarette and waited for the police. Yes, poor Jayne is in a world of hurt. Sounds like he didn’t even care that he killed 5 people and injured 3 more. 4 of the dead were children. Apparently this was not worthy of making national news though. Shocking!

Las Vegas Review Journal 5/7/2007

A drunken driver who sped through a stop sign at Tenaya Way and Farm Road caused one of the worst traffic crashes in Las Vegas' history, police said, when he slammed into the side of a sport utility vehicle carrying a family, killing five people including an infant, a toddler and two young boys Saturday night.

"This is the worst of the worst," said Sgt. Tracy McDonald of the Metropolitan Police Department's fatal traffic unit. "This is no accident. ... It was entirely preventable."

Police said 19-year-old Ronald Jayne Jr., the driver of the vehicle that hit the family's SUV, suffered minor injuries and faces at least 20 criminal charges including five counts of driving under the influence involving a death and five counts of reckless driving involving a death or injury.

Jayne was under a suicide watch at the county jail Sunday night, police said.

Police said he killed five of the eight people who were in a 1998 Mercedes-Benz ML 320.

The 32-year-old woman who was driving and two boys between 8 and 11 years of age were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. A girl who was about a year to 18 months old died on the way to University Medical Center, and a boy younger than 1 died Sunday morning from his injuries, police said.

The three survivors from the SUV -- 20-year-old Karla Dominguez, a woman who is about 35 and a girl who is about 8 -- were in very serious condition Sunday night, police said.

Police said they were uncertain who was sitting where in the Mercedes but said there would have been enough seat belts for all of them. Police said at least one of the youngest children was in a child-safety seat.

About 9:30 p.m., Jayne was eastbound on Farm Road in a 2004 GMC Sierra and went through the four-way stop at a high rate of speed, police said.

At the same time, the SUV, which was northbound on Tenaya, drove into the intersection. Jayne slammed into the left side of the Mercedes. The Mercedes' gasoline tank ruptured, and it burst into flames, police said.

Police said they think the victims died from the impact of the collision and not from the fire.

Passers-by pulled the victims from the burning wreckage and tried to resuscitate those who were not breathing. One motorist who was driving behind the Mercedes, 39-year-old William Rejincos, said he saw the SUV engulfed in flames and called 911.

A man who identified himself only as Arnold said he helped pull one of the victims out of the back seat of the burning vehicle. He later learned that the victim died. "I was devastated," he said.

Arnold and Rejincos drove up to the scene of the accident late Sunday afternoon and placed two Styrofoam crosses covered in flowers near the scene. The crosses were part of a small shrine of stuffed teddy bears and other stuffed animals that had been placed alongside the roadway a few hundred feet from the site of the collision.

Someone had placed a burned and partially melted bag of diapers and a piece of a vehicle at the shrine.

Las Vegas police Detective William Redfairn said Jayne was with other people at a residence before the accident. The detective would not say whether Jayne had been at a party.

He said Jayne's father arrived at the scene of the collision soon after it occurred, and police sent him to UMC, where his son was at the time.

Redfairn said Sunday night that he did not know what Jayne's blood-alcohol level had been.

The only crash with a higher death toll that authorities could recall Sunday night was the March 2000 case in which then-20-year-old Jessica Williams veered off Interstate 15 and mowed down teens who were picking up trash in the median.

Six people, ages 14 to 16, were killed.

"I've said the same thing over and over and over again. The message is very simple: buckle up, don't drink and drive and obey the traffic laws. If you can do that simple thing, you will stay alive, and the people of this community will stay alive," Redfairn said.

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