Friday, July 13, 2007

The handy work of Mark Nigon

This is what resulted from Mark Nigon's decision to drive drunk and nearly take my life. You have been warned, ............... These are graphic

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The pin at the tip went all the way through the end of the bone so that the bone could be rebuilt around it

Three more pins were needed as the entire foot was shattered. You can see were the metal came through and spiked through the bottom of my foot.

My knee was cut open so that metal rods and pins could be placed inside my tibia and fibula.

This is were my fibula came out of the side of my leg

A couple pictures of metal abrasions and bedsores

I am working on getting a hold of the xrays so you can see the internal injuries (ie fractured pelvic sockets, three hip fractures, pubic diastasis ect ect ect

Here are some pictures of my jeep

Yes, I was actually sitting in this seat. You can see my cell phone, it wasn't recovered from the reckage until 6 months later after Mark Nigon's sentencing

Mark Nigon, doesn't feel sorry for any of this. He thinks that only God can judge him for this. Mark Nigon needs to be held accountable for this before your kids are injured by his drunken escapades next.

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