Monday, December 31, 2007

Ramping up

After the drunk Mark Nigon recklessly put me in the hospital after his drunk driving escapade, there was some uncertainty around whether or not I would live. Mark Nigon’s drunken tirade would cause me to lose my home, many physical abilities and eventually my wife. While I was coming to, in the hospital, after many hours of surgery all I could think about was killing Mark Nigon.

When you lay in a bed for 4 weeks straight, unable to move because nearly every single bone below your waist has been broken, it leaves a lot of time for the mind to wander. Initially, under the influence of all of the drugs that I was being given to cope with my pain I would have extravagant fantasies about getting into a wheel chair and paying some mafia guys to roll me up to Mark Nigon’s house and shoot him in the head while I watched.

As the Doctors started to slowly take me off of the pain meds I became even more delusional with my murderous rage. Every day I was living with an extraordinary amount of pain. This faceless figure Mark Nigon had not even made an attempt at making amends even though he knew that he had clearly destroyed someone’s life. I became more and more angry. My whole reason for getting better was for revenge against Mark. I wanted to hurt him just as bad as he hurt me.

My lawyer told me that we would not be able to take his house from him because Colorado has a homestead law that would protect him. The only thing that I could think of at the time in my delusional state was that I had to kill his wife and three kids. I repeatedly had dreams and fantasies about marching into the Nigon house (Sometimes being rolled in my wheel chair by an accomplis) and murdering his wife and three kids in front of him. Then I would have paid my accomplis to kill me in front of him to. This was so that not only would he have to live with misery of losing everything that he loved, but he would never have the chance to avenge them because the perpetrator would have already killed himself.

Eventually these feelings subsided. Eventually the court date came up for Mark’s criminal sentencing. This was nearly 5 months after the accident. I was still walking with a walker. Mark was able to weasel his way out of one of my charges and both of my wife’s charges. He was given a 2 year sentence of which he would only have to serve 11 months. He got it down to work release which is the biggest cake walk in the system. He was still fighting our lawsuit for which we were only trying to recover the cost of our medical expenses. I wanted to put another piece of the puzzle together so I had a friend drive me by Mark Nigon’s house at 15655 Paiute Cir Monument, CO 80132-6091. I saw for myself where this monster lived. I saw the little playthings for the kids out front. I sat there for almost 10 minutes…..staring…….crying……..

As time goes on I do get better and better physically. I still don’t understand how someone like Mark could do the things that he did and still live with himself. I made me so crazy that I even tried calling his house on a couple of occasions while he was in jail to talk to his wife and see if she could shed some light on why he would be so horrible to do this to me. She never answered her home phone (719) 481-1452. I am not certain if she knew it was me or if it was just bad timing on my part.

I am not going to murder Mark Nigon and I am not going to harm him or his family. I talked a big game and I thought that I was going to, but it is not in me to harm anyone. There was a time through this whole process where I just wanted to die and I wanted to take him with me. It wasn’t fair what happened to me. It wasn’t fair what he was allowed to take away from me and how little he had to pay. But life is not fair is it?

I felt horrible for the thoughts that I was having and eventually went to a therapist. She told me that my feelings were totally normal considering what I had been through. She said that had I not had these feelings that she would become very seriously concerned. This was definitely a big stepping stone in the healing process.

I will not physically harm anyone. As long as I live, that is not in me. I will not do so through intention or stupidity. If it turns out that I do it will be completely by accident and you will see me bend over backwards to make it right. You will not see me hide behind lawyers, you will not see me make up weaselly excuses and you will not see me hiding behind a friend, a wife or a handicapped daughter.

The information posted in this blog is not a cry for someone to do something. I am not condoning calling Mark Nigon at his house, I am not condoning causing physical harm to Mark Nigon. These things are not sufficient to make the world right. Mark Nigon is a disease though. He is representative of the non-thinking, illegitimate, white trash villains in this world that are the reason that those of us who educate ourselves and plan our futures have to suffer from, as a result of their idiocy. If something did happen to Mark Nigon it would only make me feel better for his neighborhood and community. Maybe that they can breathe a sigh of relief that they may not lose a child, a friend or a loved one as a result of this idiotic cockroach.

As the final stage of the Nigon trial and settlement is wrapping up and with Mark Nigon being a free man, I will be releasing the results of my P.I. investigation into the Nigon family. I will be posting it here on this site along with police reports and court testimonials that will give you a true understanding of the nature of this beast. Please also feel free to go into the archives and explore some of the past articles. These include court transcripts, letters from family to the courts, free lance articles about drunk driving and all of the information you would ever need to get into the mind of a drunk driver. These people are dangerous criminals and need to start being treated as such. Let’s make a change before the next life torn apart is yours.

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