Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mark Nigon sells his soul!

My goal is to make Mark Nigon the most famous drunk driver in the state of Colorado. I want everyone to know his name and face. I want him to be synonymous with drunks. I have been reading a lot of stories about drunk drivers lately and I definitely realize how lucky I got in this situation (although I would have been luckier to never have been involved in this at all.) Still I find it important that his community knows exactly who he is. Mark Nigon claims to be a “stand up guy” and “good Christian. He proves over and over again that he is not though.
I received a motion from the court the other day asking for my signature to release Mark Nigon the drunk from jail early. Since the final part of my settlement will be paid within 30 days of his release he figures that I would want him out earlier. I said no of course and then I wrote the letter below. I have not decided if I am going to send the letter yet, but I am leaning towards yes. Then today I found out that Mark Nigon might be willing to give up the names of the friend’s house that he was drinking at the night that he hit us. His friends could be responsible for up to $150,000 under Colorado’s “social host liability law” for serving Mark Nigon more liquor when he was already obviously intoxicated and for not stopping him from getting into his car and driving away. I have been asking for the names of his friends since the day I woke up in the hospital. Now he may be willing to sell them out in order to shave the final 5 months off of his sentence. Here is the letter that I am considering sending to him. This of course was written before the weasel offered to sell out his buddies.

Dear Mr. Nigon

I thought that our settlement conference would be the last time that I would have to hear from or think about you but you seem to be intent on continuing to insult me and the situation that you have caused me. I received a phone call from my lawyer last week telling me that you were requesting that I sign a document that would allow you to get out of jail early. I could not believe the audacity of that question.

Had the events on July 2nd 2006 been the same but you had made any attempt to reach out to me when I was in the hospital for over a month, or in a wheel chair for the following two months, I might feel differently. Had you called and offered a simple apology during the months preceding the trial, I may feel differently. Your half hearted, “I wish I could apologize but my lawyer said not to” in the courtroom does not count either. Had you stepped up like a man and offered to settle out of court before your sentencing, even for a reduced amount, I would have no option but to think that you were a good person who was genuinely sorry and that you did not deserve to be in jail. Maybe that money could have saved our house, or helped us buy food, and/or medical supplies. I probably would have told the judge that you had done everything in your power to make things right. If that were the case, I would not have felt that you should have gone to jail and I would have said that to the Judge at your sentencing.

This is not how you acted though. You drew out the timelines. You took as long as you could to answer any request. You waited until the last possible minute to settle with us and then you cleverly hid a large portion of the money that we knew that you had so that we could not get it when we won our lawsuit against you. Then you offered us a fraction of the amount of medical bills that you caused us and we were forced to take it because it would be all that we could get from you anyways! You didn’t even have the decency to pay my medical bills! We never even asked for pain and suffering of which you have caused a life time of. Then after all that you ask that I sign a paper for your early release. Are you shocked that I declined!

I am in fact going to write a letter to the judge asking that your sentenced be extended. You do not deserve to be out in 11 months of a 24 month sentence. You are evil, you are a horrible role model for your children. You have caused me to lose my house. You have demolished my credit. You have taken away my health and ability to walk or run like a normal person. You have taken from me my ability to snowboard which was the entire reason that I moved to Denver. You took an entire year of my life away from me and made me spend it in hospitals, wheel chairs and walkers. You caused me to develop a morphine addiction (the pain medicine I was on in the hospital) to which I still feel withdrawals from to this day. You have forever strained my relationship with my wife, which whom I was only married to for a little over 2 months when you permanently altered our life.

After all this the amount that you could come up with after you hide all of your money in your wife’s name like a coward was still $50,000 short of THE MEDICAL BILLS THAT YOU COST US! How can you think that we are OK with that? How can you think that we would be comfortable with such a reckless, dangerous, and evil person being a free man any sooner than he was meant to be? I have to think that you are just not that bright. Had the roles been reversed, and I had crippled you in a drunken driving stupor, let me tell you how things would have went down. I would have instantly liquidated everything that I had. I would have paid all of your medical bills up front. I would of felt so horrible for what I did to you that I would have been apologizing nonstop, sending flowers, cards, letters of apologies, regardless of what my lawyers said. If I had a family they would have to wait, because my debt would be to you. You screwed your family the moment you got into your truck with a .217 Blood alcohol level. That night you said “fuck my family.” You became responsible for someone else’s life. Forget crippling me, what if you had killed me? How can you live with yourself?

I just don’t get it. It seems like you only think of yourself. You used you wife and blind daughter in court to try to gain sympathy from the judge. Thank God he saw right through your charade. I feel horrible for your family. In one sense they are just as much a victim of your idiocy as I am. On the other hand your wife is just as guilty as you for helping you put your assets in her name and keep them from paying my medical bills. Had I done all of this to you and my wife stood by me, I could never look at her with any bit of respect and/or dignity again. You are an evil man and I can only hope that you wife wises up enough to get herself and those three little girls away from you, before you end up killing one of them with your stupidity.

So here is my answer to your request. Fuck you! You are a piece of shit, and couldn’t even be man enough to own up to the base amount of damages you caused me. I will be crippled for the rest of my life because of you. If you are going to insist on continuing to insult me and continuing to keep yourself in my life, then I am going to have to insist on insuring that everyone in your neighborhood, community, workplace and church know exactly what type of person you are. I will make it my life’s work to see that everyone knows what you did to me on July 2nd 2006. You will no longer be able to lie to anyone about what a “stand up guy” you are. Because you are not! Telling your family what you did does not make you a stand up guy. Owning up to and taking care of all the damages you caused are what make you a stand up guy. You are not a stand up guy. You are scum. I can only imagine all of the people out there that are probably so embarrassed that you call yourself a Christian. It will be a sad day when you get out of jail. It is even more sad that those of us who are intelligent and responsible have to continuously suffer and the hands of idiots like you who are irresponsible and don’t own up to their reckless mistakes!

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