Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mark Nigon AKA Drunky (Lakewood, Monument, Colorado)

9 months ago I did the right thing. 9 months ago I called for a ride home when I was drunk. 9 months ago a God fearing man named Mark Nigon did the wrong thing. Mark Nigon got drunk and drove in his Dodge Ram 2500 the wrong way down a one way street. He violently attack my wife and I. I suffered severe physical injuries and my wife suffered moderate physical injuries and intense emotional and psychological damage. Mark Nigon defiantly went before the Judge at his sentencing and told him that it was between him and God to make this right. The Judge gave Mark Nigon the max sentence anyways. Mark Nigons wife came over to my wife and I after the trial to apologize, yet 9 months later we have seen no sign of any financial help from the Nigon family. 9 months later we are still feeling the effects of what he did to us. My wife has recurring nightmares and is in therapy. I have continuous pain. Sometimes it is unbearable to walk. Next week I am going in for my 3rd surgery since the accident. Mark Nigon is sitting in a jail cell and is apparently not answering any of the legal demands because he is “depressed.” My feeling is that Mark Nigon does not have the right to be depressed. He has left my wife and I in emotional, physical, and financial turmoil. We are feeling the effects of this 9 months later and we will continue to feel the effects of this for years to come. In light of all of this we have offered several methods for Mark Nigon to make good on the damage that he has caused us. He can afford all of the options that we have presented. He has ignored us on every offer though. So now we have to go to court. The trial is all the way in September 2007. This God fearing man is going to make us take him to court to get back what he already took from us. September will mark 15 months after the accident occurred. That’s right! 15 months after he did this to us we will still have to deal with his idiocy.

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tina said...

I will definitely be back here to read updates. Thank you for a peek into your life and the seriousness of drinking and driving.

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