Thursday, February 1, 2007

You should be put to death!

Today marks month number 7 since the careless drunk Mark Nigon nearly ended my life. I am recovering well although I am becoming aware of things on a daily basis that are going to affect me for the rest of my life. I can’t pivot with my right leg so changing directions while walking is awkward. If I sit for an extended period of time it takes a few laps around the office for my limp to go away. My big toe on my right foot doesn’t move and the two next to it move side to side instead of up and down when I try to wiggle them. I have a bone scar on my shin that sits right on a nerve so when it is touched or bumped pain shoots all through my body. I have lots of scars including two big bedsore scars on my right heel that were a result of the nurse’s incompetence. What about Mark Nigon. Well he is sitting in jail. He is likely is asking “god” why “god” allowed him to end up at this place in life. He does not take responsibility for what he did to me because everything is part of “god’s” divine plan. We served him with the civil suit yesterday. He would not respond to our request for an out of court settlement even though we were only asking for our damages. (Read that, No pain and suffering requested) He has the money to take care of all of my medical bills but is refusing. I keep seeing stories on the news about reckless drivers, drunk drivers and drugged drivers killing people. It drives me nuts! It makes me want to do some thing about it. These kids in Vegas were street racing and ran into an innocent person that was crossing the street legally and killed him instantly. The judge gave them 6 months of jail and 5 years probation. 6 MONTHS OF JAIL! They killed someone! How can a judge only give six months of jail? Here is why. They didn’t do it on purpose. So what, they did it while making the conscious decision to do something illegal. They should have to sit in the middle of the street while a car rams into them at 100 miles per hour. Their incompetence took someone’s life from this earth. All of the religious websites like to downplay this by saying that he is in a better place. Christians continuously downplay the seriousness of death. We need to get a large portion of these ideals out of our government so that we can understand the seriousness of taking a life and maximize the punishment. If you want to drive drunk, fine. If you kill someone, you should be killed too. It’s just how I feel.


tina said...

I went to a funeral recently and over heard a comment, oh, but he is in a much better place now, ummm...he's dead and cremated.

angelsdepart said...

You should have said, "um no, He is actually in that ern right there!!!" ha ha ha. That would have been funny. That is probably why I don't get invited to many funerals. Not that I would go. I prefer to pay my respects to people while they are still living.

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