Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Tonight on court T.V.

Mark Nigon has received two years in jail for what he did to my wife and I. We are extremely happy with this decision. Although he probably deserved even more, I feel that the judge was fair in considering all of the circumstances. It is clear to me that even after being sentenced that Nigon did not comprehend the severity of what he did to me! He said, in court, that he wanted to do everything that he could to make this right, yet he is still fighting the civil case. My wife and I are about to lose our home, but he wants to keep his. This of course does not seem fair to me. Nigon's Lawyer had to ask for an extra 5 minutes to review the case. He had not even looked at the court documents before the case. He was completely ignorant of many of the facts and in the end he actually ended up hurting Nigon more than helping. Money well spent huh? My wife and I were able to speak in front of the judge and I genuinely feel like our views were taken into consideration. When Nigon asked for house arrest the Judge responded by saying that he couldn't even consider anything less than jail time, given the horribly violent and negligent nature of this crime. Nigon, on three separate occasions made it a point to tell us that he prays for us every night. Well as I have mentioned before to so many others…STOP PRAYING FOR ME!!! Nigon thought that he might be able to win our favor by showing us what good upstanding Christian he was. If Nigon really wants to make things right, then he needs to sell his home and set our finances straight. We are heading down the tubes fast. When Mr. Nigon was sentenced they cuffed him and took him away, directly from the court to jail. He is so fat that they had to use two pairs of handcuffs to get his hands behind his back. My wife, lawyer, paralegal, a M.A.D.D. rep, the victim witness advocate, the D.A. and myself were sitting in the courtroom after the sentencing discussing some business when Mr. Nigon's wife came over to us sobbing and apologized for what her husband did to us. We thanked her and she left. I genuinely feel sorry for her. Mr. Nigon's wife and kids are just as much victims of his horrible crimes as we are. I will try to do my best to see that they are not punished to severely, due to his actions, in the civil trial. When all is said and done though, I feel really good about the way that the day turned out. I may even find it in my heart to forgive Nigon. Who knows, under different circumstances I might have even had a beer with him. But for now, he needs to sit in his cell and realize how wrong his actions were. He has two years to figure it out.


Aaron Kinney said...

He got fucking jail time? YES!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that prayer shit is just unreal. Prayers dont pay medical bills. Prayers dont stop the pain. Prayers dont undo the damage. If God exists (which he doesnt) then Mr. Nigon should be praying for HIMSELF, because his resistance of the civil suit will look mighty bad in Gods eyes come judgement day.

Someone should tell Mr. Nigon that his prayers arent working. I hope he gets raped by Bubba in the prison excercise yard.

angelsdepart said...

LOL, Thanks Aaron

tina said...

He should have gotten more time.

angelsdepart said...

I agree Tina, but the law does not allow for that because "He didn't mean to do it."

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