Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Fat ass

So my wife and I went to court yesterday and for the first time we both got to look our attacker straight in the eye. He was a portly fat man in his mid 40s with real sense of arrogance. I don't know if I was more bothered by how smug and out of reach he seemed to be or by the fact that his lawyer looked like Johnny Cochran. It really speaks ill of the profession that someone is even willing to take his case. Luckily I have one of the good lawyers. The only problem with my lawyer is that his receptionist sucks! He is probably one of the only honest lawyers I have ever met though. (Not that I have alot of experience with lawyers.) So this fat fuck asked the judge for a continuance and got it. The D.A. told me that this is something that the Judge grants to everyone who ask at least one time. I objected anyways. I knew it would be turned down but I wanted to make sure that he knew I was there and that I would be going against him on every move that he made. My objection was based on the fact that I felt drunky was stalling and I wanted to keep the case moving foward quickly. The Judge actually got a little offended and asked the D.A. the rhetorical question "I think we move cases faster here than any district in Colorado, don't we?" Well what a jackass thing to say. Nothing is fast enough when your laying in a hospital bed, or sitting in a wheel chair. All you want to do is have this be over with and the judge is granting people more time so that they can go on living thier lives like nothing has happened, while you are living yours crippled. I wish judges would take the victims into account rather than thier protocals. As Drunky was walking out I attempted to lock eyes with him. He looked at me for about 2 seconds and realized who I was. Then he refused to make eye contact anymore. I hope it was embarrassment. As my wife and I were leaving she started to cry. She said she had never felt so much hate in her entire life. We sat down on a bench in the foyer. About this time Drunky and his seedy ass lawyer came walking by. My wife got a look in her eye like a rabid pit bull, I was getting ready to try to stop her from doing whatever it was she was about to do when Drunky and his lawyer seeing us on the bench did the smartest thing they have probably ever done in thier life, they turned around and went the other way. God I love my wife. I watched Drunky walk all the way to his car to make sure he wasn't driving himself. Unfortunatly he was picked up by someone. Fuck! How great would that have been to call the cops on his and get him arrested for driving illegally. Well he has one shot to save his ass and that is with the use of a civil offer that he is supposed to turn in next week. It better be fucking good, or I will ensure that he is never able to own anything again. No houses, no cars, no loans. Until he makes this right, my life is dedicated to making his as shitty as possible. If he ends up becoming homeless I will be sure to forward a picture of the fat fuck so you know which bum to not give money to.

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